2018 Firsts: (new format soon)
Alan Wirtanen won NALSA 2
Alan Wirtanen was first in NALSA 3
Dennis Bassano led Class NALSA 4
Nord Embroden, first in Standart
Loren Colahan, first-Manta Twin.
Sheila Eberly, first-Manta Single.
Duncan Harrison, First- I 5.6 Mini
Terry Fulbright, #1in the US Mini 6.7
Blake Learmonth first in Sportsman
John Eisenlohr won in Mini Skeeter


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You will find information here on the North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA), upcoming sanctioned events, US club information and landsailing in general.

2014 FISLY—NALSA World Championships Information
Worlds Photos, Worlds Video (1) (2) (3) (4), Results

NALSA has expanded its web presence to include a more interactive site. John Eisenlohr has set up a Yahoo Groups-based site. You have to join up to participate, but you can view the postings without being a member. link to NALSA group

See the Upcoming Events page for information on future events. 2014Worlds Facebook


America's Landsailing Cup

Chris BecherGroverDaveeberlyMaryleewardTerryLesterus430
2018 ALC results
2017 ALC results

2016 ALC results Photos Photos2
2015 ALC results
2014 ALC results
Landsailors on the Pier at America's Cup 2013

2013 Results Web, PDF
2012 Results
2011 Results
2011 video
2010 Photos
, 2010 Results
, Event Review
2017 Holy Gale Results
2016 Holy Gale Results
2013 Holy Gale Results
2012 Holy Gale Results
2011 Holy Gale Results
2010 Holy Gale Video
2014 World Championship Video


Photos(also from speed trials)
Detailed 2009 America's Landsailing Cup results

Photos from World Championships

See www.landsailing.co.uk for other U.S. happenings not covered on this site as well as excellent coverage of what is going on in the rest of the world (from a Kiwi and British perspective).

They are at it again! A new record has been set, this time sailing dead upwind...that's right, directly into the wind (not tacking). The NALSA Board of Directors has ratified the following two records achieved by Rick Cavallaro on New Jerusalem Airport near Tracy California on June 16, 2012, with the wind turbine driven sailing craft, Blackbird. Mr. Cavallaro achieved a maximum boat speed to wind speed ratio of 2.1:1 while sailing directly into the wind and a maximum speed in a wind turbine driven sailing craft of 22.9 mph on a different run.
On July 2, 2010 on El Mirage Dry Lake, Blackbird sailed directly down wind at a speed of 27.7 mph in a 10 mph wind to set a first record for the ratio of Boat Speed to true wind speed of 2.8. BlackBird was designed and built by the Thin Air Designs team (Rick Cavallaro and John Borton) and sailed by Rick.More information.


Greenbird set a new landsailing speed record. On March 26, 2009 as 40mph + winds canceled NALSA racing and sometimes totally obscured Ivanpah Dry Lake with blowing dust. Richard Jenkins piloted Ecotricity's Greenbird to a new land speed record of 126.2 mph (203.09 kph). Detailed Data
The same day, a new Blokart record was also set at Red Lake, AZ (62 mph, 100kph!) Pod and 2 meter sail.

Archive of past events

Detailed 2008 Americas' Landsailing Cup results (.xls Excel file)
Detailed 2007 Americas' Landsailing Cup results
2009 Gale Results

2007 Gale results

Recap from World Championships 2006

2002 Fisly/NALSA 8th Worlds Championship results and photos.

Get the results from the 2006 Holy Gale here. 

2001 speed trial results are now available.

2001 28th annual Americas Land Sailing Cup Regatta

   .  Results
   .  Dennis Bassano has written an excellent review of the event.
   .  Read a racers comments.... or look at some photos.

Pacrim 2000 Final scores and images 

News from the Nov 2000 speed trials.

Archive of past newsletters

1999 27th Annual Regatta results are still available.

NALSA's newsletters (latest is Spring 2006)

Speed and Distance Records, Attempts and Rules

Landyacht world speed record set. 126.2mph (March 2009)
Read the details here. Data Details

If you'd like to challenge the record holders read the NALSA Speed Record rules.

You can check the weather near your favorite dry lake or beach on the weather page.

Be sure to read Nord Embroden's Landsailing in America article.

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