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NALSA Webmaster. Work from home. Flexible hours, Power, Prestige and a finger on the pulse of the landsailing world, no pay. Must have the ability to create HTML and CSS pages on your own equipment with your own software (current pages created with DreamWeaver CS6, but that is not a requirement).
Contact Dennis Bassano


full suspension landsailer was $3500. Now $1500 (firm)Stephen 775 827 2786 Reno NV

Two Class 3/2 Colin Palmer land yachts with trailers and 3 sails, $4200 and $4500.00 usd contact Lester 775-246-0485 for details.

FISLY Promo $4626.00 New.
Frank Marsh M & W Engineering, Inc. 3880 Dividend Drive Suite 100 Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682 530.676.7185 Fax 530.676.7188

Airtrack landsailers, Class 5 Sport and Promo. Astro 2- 2 person, similar to class 5 promo. Contact Frank 530.676.7185 |

FRIENDSHIP (BLEW BY YOU US 8600), Completely restored Friendship, fastest, cleanest, most fun yacht in the fleet! Complete with 20’ Carson Highway Cargo trailer customized for Friendship, 3 Mantas, bed, storage, 12volt system with solar panel and more. Full compliment of sails, Mylar/Kevlar Class II, III, IV, Dacron storm sail. Give your friends a thrill ride, who knows their panties could fly off! $15,000 Call John Zahn (562) 881-6000

Wind Line Sirocco Landsailer - $2000
Original 2003 Sirocco design with the following upgrades: Fiberglass seat with vinyl pads. Orange Powder Coat. Boom Line Guide Rail. Tires, brakes and sail are all in excellent condition. Must Sell. Dangerous Dan,
Pics at

Friendship ( SunShine US2222) with 20ft. enclosed trailer and has fairlly new tires. Friendship has 4 sails, a spare front tire and many extra's. Would like to sell as a package if at all possible.
Asking $7,000.00 for all .
Contact: Paul Ackermann (661) 433-2688 most any time is ok .

Friendship Yacht withTrailer and several Sails.
Contact Reg or Barbara Williams at 760-868-6092 or

Landsailer "Blade" Runner for sale.  Sailed by G. Whitehorse.  Good condition, with large trailer.  Permanent alignment; needs no adjustment.  Two sheet system...very fast $3000.00
Phone: 517-423-5159


LANDSAILERS : continued

New Wind Chaser LandSailer. $680 ea (includes shipping in continetal US) Molded plastic body with powder coated steel frame, slide together assembly secured with safety snap pins. Includes 3.3 meter sail of Dacron sail cloth, 3 wheels are corrosion resistant with nylon rims and stainless steel bearings, blocks for main sheet have ball bearings for smooth control. Length 59", Width 66", Assembled weight 54 lbs., max load 225 lbs., seat color - red, includes 4 blue carrying bags, equipped with a brake and you steer with your feet. Can be used anywhere there is open space and a firm surface. Easy to transport. Will fit in almost any car, SUV or truck. Perfect for the beginner or mid-level sailor. Limited manufacturer warranty included. Sand Tires available. Call Today 805-525-8003, email Website

Santana III Landsailer for sale Wheel base: 10 ft, Tread width: 10 ft, 3 in, Height: 18 ft, Total weight ( Rigged to sail): 250 lbs, Frame alone: 56 lbs, 2 Sails;(one for racing and one for general enjoyment), Sail area: Both approx 6 sq meters (66sq ft). Clocked at 69.8 MPH Safely sailed in 50 MPH winds. Sail, mast, boom, wheels, axle, and seat easily removable for transportation, Three bolts permit conversion to 2 passenger model. Racing and Passenger seats included, Asking $1500 OBO. Contact Don Comer, at or 562-928-4560

Two seater Windteck LandSailer. I am the second owner and have used it a handful of times. I broke the mast, but it can be replaced with another windsail mast or I saw ads for this part for sale on the NALSA site. All the other parts are available and intact. It comes with 2 sails. Due to the lack of a mast I am asking for $550. It is located in Sonoma, CA. -- Charles Fitzgerald 415-305-7360

Cougar landsailor. 2 sails , excellent condition , light and fast $1500.00 or best offer. Trailor 20' tandom , 7' wide. 7' hi, new tires , battery for lights ,radio mporti potty , stove, life time roof and fiberglass covering . 5K invested, sell for $3K Robert Bayless 714 828 3477 Orange County California. Photos Trailer Photos

Newer model RUMBLE SEAT SKEETER Excellent condition. Adapted for iceboating and sand sailing. Hull 31' Plank 19' Mast 26'. Carbon fiber Hull. Comes with original sail, and 2 new North sails(storm sail =64 square feet, full size= 91 square feet, these 2 sails were $3000). It all sits on a nice trailer that can be adapted to carry 2 sand sailer/iceboats easily. FUN and FAST with a Cadillac ride!! $10,500 invested, asking $7000. Call 805-390-0387 for more info and pics.

5sq. Meter yacht-custom design: chromoly and aluminum tube construction, fabric body, unique urethane isolated stayless mast system, extremely light, w/2 sails 9/10ths finished. $1000.00 obo  Must sell  quickly ! Call Scott @ (319)-210-3615 or email @

Stand on Sand Sail Board- All custom design, unique pivot steering system, extremely long wheelbase, 4.1 meter  sailboard sail,mast and boom assembly, high floatation tires for sand. I've been to 35 mph on drylake.....not for the  faint of heart...It's extreme!!!  $700.00obo Must sell  quickly ! Call Scott @ (319)-210-3615 or email @

Manta single with two sails and new seat cover, $800. Also Sirocco Sprint with reefable (4.2--3.2 M) dacron sail, dismantles to car trunk in 5 min, $1200.
Pete 909-800-5237

Windline Sorocco Sprint landsailer (skates are available) new in box. Sells for $1745.00 will sell for $1495.00 or best offer. Website  Contact Jeff Lutz
Home phone 920-734-0626
Work phone 920-725-2668 ex135
Cell phone 920-585-1668



Crazy Wheels for Manta 6 in wheels and Mini/Promo 8 in wheels and other size wheels. lightweight steel hoops , you buy Harbor Freight 10 in heels locally. Keeps your boat ready and safely parked during the day and reduces sail luff tube wear. Designed for your wheelbase and size tires. $75 per pair without tires. Shipping extra. Custom sized crazy wheels for larger diameter wheels available by special order. These crazy wheels were demonstrated at the 2014 ALC. For more details, contact Chester Martinmaas at Reno KTM at 775-348-4388 refer to the forum photos listed under Crazy Wheels.

Custom battens.
White Ash - very elastic and light. The wood is quarter sawn to provide consistent bend characteristics. Each batten is cut to length and tapered to meet specific bend requirements. visit our website


Landsailer Plans: International Mini 5.6
Only $49.50 website:

Landsailer Plans: USMYA, Mini Class
Build it yourself : for as little as $250.00! Complete set of Measured Drawings; Only $49.50 website:

Landsailer Plans

Landsailer Plans
Entry level landsailer plans and parts list.
Great fun both to build and sail. $24.50
Email: Phone: (760) 873-5270


Eleven used wind surfer sails, bought for land yachting and not used. Various sizes, all under 10 sq meters. $20 each, or the whole lot for $150. There is also a boom, about 70" long for $20. These are in Eastern Oregon. Buyer must pick them up. Contact, or 541-575-1065, or 541-620-0121

TAYLOR SAILS Custom Dirt Boat Sails...
e-mail- Phone- 360-775-0307 2288 Deer Park Rd Port Angeles Wa 98362

Storm sail for a Manta for sale. Its got approx 12' luff 7' foot and 11' leach with about 3'' of reverse roach with fiberglass battens. Good for high winds. Contact John

Charter/ Rent

Manta Single for rent at America's Landsailing Cup, Cow to Cow etc.   Good sail and the only white framed Manta Single in existence.
Contact Mark Harris at 775-355-7035 for contract and details.


4.8 Kitewing and 20" GP dirtsurfer I'd like to put towards a trade for a small landsailor I can teach my friends and family to ride in. I can be reached at 702-581-8125 or Can deliver to Ivanpah

Trailers, Racks and Tow Vehicles

Trailer for sale: built for Manta Twin Landsailer. In great shape. Ready for the road. $250 obo. Jesse at 209-606-4082 or email: for info. Located in Ripon, Ca.

Custom welded rack for receiver hitch. You can tow your trailer behind it! Union made. $400 More info and lots of photos at 702-354-9968


Landsailer that would be usable on beach sand. I would prefer a two seater but a single seat is also fine. Please contact me via email with pics of craft, location and price. Contact: Phil Thanks!

Blokart, Manta single and Manta Twin? David.   702-429-4136. Located in Las Vegas, will drive reasonable distance to pick up.

Manta or twin land sailer
Any condition, Or Similar  
I am in the SF bay area, Cupertino, but i can travel to buy a good deal.
Andres Campos

I am looking for a Manta some where in So. California Call Keith at
714-457-6851 or email

Ice Flyer with fiberglass body any condition. Contact: Bob Keller
phone: 1-801-337-8294

WANTED: DN ice boat for under $1,000.00 fixer upper's OK. Please contact

Landsailers and Kite Buggies
We're in the market for landsailers and a kite buggy setup so the family can have fun down the road at Ivanpah. Mainly interested in a Manta Twinjammer, but will consider all. A trailer would be a big plus, too. Appearance is less important than price, but I don't want to buy a "fixer upper" unless it's dirt cheap.
Best contact is email: or leave message
on 702-354-9968.

Manta Twin or Manta Single.
Phone evenings at 306-769-8340 or email

Want used landsailer for a beginner, $500 limit,  Relatively good condition.
Contact Rob at

Manta twin land sailer
Any condition,
inexpensive preferred. I am in the SF bay area, but willing to travel some for the right deal. Also will consider other land sailers. Let me know.
Terry Tinney  510-232-6685  E-mail:


DN or other Ice boat runners / blades. Decent condition.

Fiberglass cockpit for Fed5 style yacht. Also looking for sails in good condition.
Call Simon 323.363.9194 or e mail:

I am a looking for a landsailer. I've been several times and enjoy it. I live in Nevada and surrounded by desert, I gotta get one! Please call Jason @ 775-629-0191 or email me at



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