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What’s a NALSA?
Every now and then it’s important for an organization to step back and take a look at what it is and why it exists. Members of NALSA are the landsailing clubs. Individuals are indirect members of NALSA only by being members of a local club.

The North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA) was incorporated in 1972, and it’s Articles of Incorporation include the following:

The specific and primary purposes are to promote the sport and pastime of land sailing for the enjoyment of members of the Association and to provide a forum for communication among the members that will advance the sport.

The general purpose is to further develop an exciting, safe, non-polluting form of recreation; to publish for the benefit of members information on research, organizations and activities associated with the sport; to identify and establish areas suitable for performance of the sport of land sailing; to furnish to members land operating rules, racing rules and safety regulations; to assist in making land sailing vehicles available to members; and, generally, to promote interest and participation in the sport of land sailing in furtherance of the primary purposes of the Association.

Kent Hatch.

Contact information

North American Land Sailing Association

Mary Robertson

Northern Vice President
Mary Robertson

Southern Vice President
Robert Weber

Mark Harris
Sparks, Nevada



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