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USMYA Mini Class Rules

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US Mini Class Maximum Sail Area Rope Rule
US 6.7 5.5m2 ( 59.2 ft2 ) (See #1 below) 6.7m Rope Rule
(see #2below)
1. US Mini 6.7 is allowed a maximum of 5.5m2 in sail area.  When measuring the sail, the luff sock is included in the measured area.  The mast and boom area are not included in the sail area measurement.  The luff sock is restricted to a maximum of 4 5/8 inches in width when measured with the sail laying flat.  This measurement is made from the leading edge of the luff sock to the leading edge of the stitching that attaches the luff sock to the sail.
2. US Mini 6.7 uses the 6.7m Rope Rule, where yacht footprint must fall within 6.7m (264 in) 6 mm (¼ in) diameter loop of rope.
3. Additional ballast (weight devices), ballast may be used, but must not be moveable. Ballast shall not be removed or added during a race.
4. Wire stayed masts are not allowed and all mast constructions have to be fabricated out of round cross-section materials, tapered or non tapered.
5. Enclosed bodies are not allowed. An enclosed body is defined as body work that covers any portion of the pilots’ body when seat belted in yacht, when viewed from above. The pilot must be able to place one foot on the ground when seated in the yacht.
6. Tire and wheel aerodynamic cowlings (covers) are not allowed. Front wheel gravel guards are allowed.
7. US Mini Class 6.7 will start from a stationary position on the starting line, with no outside help.
  All NALSA Rules Apply When Applicable


Revised 08/13/2018

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